Gocase.pro is the best PUBG case opening site on market


GoCase.pro is a PUBG case opening site where you can play and win csgo skins. Just try to open case and win csgo skin of your dream. We have huge amount of custom cs go cases with popular cs go skins. Our csgo cases have insane drop rates where you can win even AWP Dragon Lore a famous cs go skin! No joke! Join our community and you`ll see the difference between Gocase.pro and other case open sites.

Gocase.pro is the best PUBG case opening site on market

Here you can open PUBG crates of all types. We offer not only classic PUBG crates and PUBG sets, but also a large number of custom playerunknown’s battlegrounds boxes.

As for classic playerunknowns battlegrounds crates we can give you all kind of PUBG cases (or crates, as you wish), and sets to open. Both for male and female characters.

BTW, you can compare our prices with Steam market:

PUBG Crate / Set
PUBG Crate / Set
Steam price
PUBG Crate / Set
Gocase.pro price
PUBG Playerunknown set$1600$160
PUBG Twitch prime se$130$3.99
PUBG Black school uniform set (male)$260$1.99
PUBG Blue school uniform set (male)$140$8
PUBG Ivory school uniform set (male)$225$9
PUBG Tracksuit set$160$2
PUBG Tracksuit set (yellow)$130$13
PUBG Tuxedo set (male)$360$10
PUBG Black school uniform set (female)$810$30
PUBG Blue school uniform set (female)$870$50
PUBG Ivory school uniform set (female)$1130$50
PUBG Instructor Set260$3.50
PUBG Tuxedo Set (female)$600$50

Also we have 26 more playerunknown’s battlegrounds crates to open with really mad drop rates.

Here is a quick FAQ about PUBG case opening on Gocase.Pro

1. Why your PUBG crates or PUBG sets have so different prices with Steam?

Because at their creation we were guided by the real cost of the PUBG clothes contained in the PUBG cases. Also, we have better drop rate than Steam. Just try to open our PUBG boxes and you will be shocked!

2. Is Gocase.pro is PUBG gambling site?

Of course, no. Gocase.pro doesn't offer any PUBG games of chance, such as PUBG roulette, or PUBG coinflip, or PUBG double, or PUBG jackpot or any other games offering by other PUBG gambling websites. Gocase.pro is classic PUBG case opening site which ranks first in PUBG case open sites list.

As you know, opening PUBG cases is a legal way to get PUBG skins, not PUBG gambling. Because after opening any of our PUBG crates you will, in any case, get PUBG clothes or any other PUBG equipment you win.

3. Can I get free PUBG skins with Gocase.pro?

Sure you can! You can get any of PUBG inventory absolutely for free. And we provide the whole three ways to get free PUBG clothing.

Get up to $1.8 sign-up bonus to open PUBG cases free

Firstly, you can use the bonus, which we give for joining our community. By default, you get a dollar, but if you register using the affiliate code from our partners, you can get up to $ 1.8. This will give you the opportunity to open PUBG cases free (up to 3)

For example, at $ 1.8 you can

and so on.

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Secondly, you can join our communities on Steam, Facebook or Twitter, where we constantly distribute valuable PUBG skins absolutely free of charge

Here is the list of free PUBG skins received by our users in the last 2 weeks:

As you can see you have all chances to get free PUBG trenchcoat, or to get free PUBG tracksuit or any expensive PUBG skins we raffle

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The third way to get free PUBG skins is to join our PUBG giveaway chat. Every ten minutes we raffle a lot of free PUBG skins. The rules are simple:

So if you are looking for PUBG cases site (aka PUBG case opening website) where you can open crates PUBG and win skins PUBG or even get epic PUBG trenchcoats for free, you found the best site for these purposes

4. What sets you apart from other similar PUBG case sites?

The answer to a complex question cannot be simple. Just look at this PUBG case opening sites list :

Among hundreds of other sites, we stand out with three advantages:

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