Open original and custom VGO cases at the best VGO case site on the Net - VGO is one of the famous and oldest case opening site. Since 2016 we have offered various types of case opening and now we present to you VGO cases. VGO case sites are a relatively new type of case opening sites but the main principle has remained unchanged - you need to open VGO cases to win VGO items / skins.

So, since the VGO is something new for the case openers community, we'll try to explain what the VGO is in this quick VGO case opening FAQ

1. What is VGO items (VGO skins)?

VGO skins (or VGO items) are the same thing as other virtual goods generated via blockchain-based technology. Each time you open official VGO case (VCase) with the help of VGO Key (VKey) the new VGO skin / item is generated. Each VGO item is unique and free of any bans or trade restrictions.

2.Where can I open VGO cases?

At first, you need to find a VGO case open site. Just google “vgo case sites list” or “vgo case opening sites list 2018” or “open VGO cases” or something similar to find what you need. But don’t forget that it the best place to open VGO cases. Unlike many others, we offering you not only classic VGO Weapon Case 1 but also two more custom VGO cases.

But most important thing is our Drop Rate. We are the only case open site with the craziest drop where people really withdraw rare and expensive skins. Just google for this:

hen join our community and win unique VGO items (skins) that will make you happy!

3.Can I trade my VGO items / skins after VGO case opening?

Of course, you can. VGO items designed especially for collecting and trading. Due to their decentralized nature, you can be confident about their safety. You can trade them at opskins like any other virtual goods.

4.Is Gocase pro a VGO gambling site?

NO, we are not VGO gambling site. When you opening our VGO cases, you change your vgo skin for money. You are guaranteed to get one of VGO items and having fun from our full random drop system.

Of course, VGO items prices can vary from day to day. But you are free to withdraw any VGO skin (VGO item etc.) and sell it for any price you want.

Our difference between any other VGO gamble website, like VGO jackpot, VGO casino, VGO shuffle, VGO roulette, VGO coinflip is that you can’t lose your money. Yes, you can’t because you will be rewarded with VGO skin in any case. So, let’s say it again, you are guaranteed to win at least one of VGO items (including but not limited to VGO knives) from our VGO cases.

Once again, is NOT a VGO gamble site. It’s a VGO case website aka:

You better stop worrying about legal interpretations and have savor in caseopen process. Multiply your VGO skins and make yourself the unique-looking player.